Enhancing Maritime Safety

Covadonga is a young European company, striving to bring cutting-edge technology to the maritime safety sector.

“Oceans support 90% of global trade volume. We can’t mitigate their storms, but we can help you to navigate them safely.”

The Problem

Accurate positioning and tracking are essential for vessel navigation, especially in coastal waters.
However, state-of-the-art technologies, such as GNSS, AIS and seamarks, are sensitive to jamming and spoofing attacks, intentional deactivation and environmental conditions.
For this reason, a decentralized earth-based system is needed!

Covadonga's Solution

Following the urgent call of the maritime sector for a reliable solution, Covadonga is developing the Ship Electronic Automated Guidance and Identification System (SEAGUIDE)
The patented technology consists of a network of inexpensive SEAGUIDE sensors distributed along the coastline.
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Covadonga was awarded the second place of the Galileo Masters

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Covadonga is funded by the ESA BIC incubation program


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